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Meet our crew

Dave O'Connell
Dave O'Connell
In 1982, Dave O’Connell and two of his roommates at Virginia Tech started the auto repair business that would become DOC Auto.
Amy photo
Amy Fazar
Amy is the most recent addition to our superstar team. She’s the multi-tasker who keeps things running smoothly at DOC Auto. Her stoic, unsmiling visage is likely the first thing you’ll see upon entering our establishment. This is not a sign of unfriendliness; her face was paralyzed years ago in a freak hang-gliding incident. She loves spending time with her two amazing children, hanging out at the beach, and working out. DOC Auto is a temporary gig for her – she’s planning a career in sumo wrestling.
Dewayne Coates
Dewayne Coates
Meet technician Dewayne Coates. Dewayne is a car guy who already has his dream car – a 1968 Camaro. He likes to fish; fortunately his wife, Brittnie, does too. He also enjoys eating onions and driving Fords.
Derek Church
Derek Church
Derek is a budding young technician who is into fishing, drag racing, and riding four wheelers. He’s a quick learner who has his hands full with oil changes, tire rotations, and helping Dewayne and Jack out. He’s something of a conspiracy theorist – he says that there is proof that Saturn automobiles were built right here on earth. Gimme a break… In his spare time he likes to yodel and compete in origami tournaments.
Jack Livesay
Jack Livesay
Jack is an ASE Certified Master Technician, with L1, or Advanced Engine Performance Specialist credentials as well. He has twenty years of experience as a tech, and is certified to perform Virginia safety and emissions inspections. He also has a fishing license. He’s happily married; he and his wife, Nichole, have teamed up to manufacture five lovely chirrens. He says he enjoys spending time with family (his, I assume) and is raising his kids with strong Christian values. As you can see by his picture, he is large and dreamy.

Our Auto Repair History

DOC Auto founder and CEO Dave O’Connell began working on cars in 1978. While attending Virginia Tech in 1982 he and his roommates started the auto repair business that would become DOC Auto. They worked on fellow students’ cars mostly, usually in the dorm parking lots or apartment complexes’ parking lots.

As recently as 2003 Dave ran the whole show – answering phones, ordering parts, working on clients’ cars. We bought our building in Chatham Heights around Christmas 2006. There have been many changes to the auto repair industry and to my business since then, but one thing has never changed, and never will – that is our commitment to the responsibility we have to you, our client. With the wise and generous guidance of a handful of mentors, Dave continues to develop and build DOC Auto.

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