Six Symptoms of Bad Shocks and Struts

1 Feb
6 Symptoms of Bad Shocks and Struts

Six Symptoms of Bad Shocks and Struts

Are your shocks and struts on their last leg? There are ways you can tell that it’s time for a shock and strut replacement, or, in most cases, a strut replacement. Shocks aren’t as common today as they used to be; most vehicles have struts. Either way, DOC Auto are shocks and struts experts, and we can inspect your suspension to let you know if you need new ones. Here are 6 signs of bad shocks and struts.

Tire Cupping

Your tires should wear down evenly, especially if you’re good about having them rotated regularly. If your tires are cupped – worn down in patches along the edges – you might have worn struts. You shouldn’t feel your wheels, shake, shimmy, or vibrate after you drive over a bump, either.

Bottoming Out

You will feel a rough road somewhat when you drive on it, especially if you’re driving too fast. You shouldn’t feel your suspension bottom out. You shouldn’t feel your suspension sink when you back out of your driveway every morning, either. Your vehicle should remain sound and not bottom out.

Bounce Around

Again, if you’re on a bumpy road it’s normal to feel a little bit of bouncing but you should never feel a lot of bounces. Healthy shocks and struts absorb a bumpy road. They give so the tires can bounce up and down without your vehicle’s body doing the same. Feeling every bump means a bad suspension.

Rock and Roll

Does your car, truck, SUV, or crossover rock back and forth when you’re stuck in a windstorm? Do you notice it leaning when you turn? When you turn the corner or drive in forceful crosswinds, you should not feel your vehicle rock or sway to one side or the other. This, too, means bad shocks and struts.


The only thing you should worry about when you slam on your brakes is the reason why you take the drastic action. You shouldn’t worry about your vehicle nose-diving forward. Have you noticed that your vehicle does, indeed, nose-dive when you brake hard? Have your shocks and struts inspected.

Fluid Leaks

Finally, fluid leaks indicate shock and strut trouble. Your shocks and struts have pistons and hydraulic fluid that allows them to absorb road bumps. Sometimes, they will leak a little bit, but if you notice oil on your shocks or struts, you have an unhealthy fluid leak and it’s time to replace them.

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