How Do I Get My Car Ready For The Winter?

Before the rain, ice and snow hit, get your vehicle ready for the winter. You already know the basics, weigh down the trunk, keep tire chains on hand just in case you need them, and put the ice scraper in the glove box. What about your car itself, however? Its engine? Its tires? It’s always […]

Synthetic Vs. Conventional Motor Oil: Which Is Better?

Is synthetic or conventional motor oil better for your vehicle? This is a question we hear a lot at DOC Auto and the answer depends on a few factors. Yes, most new automobiles already have synthetic motor oil in them when you drive them off the lot, but conventional motor oil isn’t dead just yet. […]

Power Steering Flush Reasons

The power steering system in your car makes turning corners smooth and easy. This important component of your vehicle is something many drivers take for granted. In order for your power steering to work properly, it relies on a variety of parts along with clean power steering fluid. If you’re not sure why you might […]

When to Get My Battery Serviced

The modern vehicles of today rely on batteries more than ever before. Your car battery supplies an electrical current to the starter motor so it can crank the engine, and it also provides power to a wide variety of electrical items when your engine is turned off, like lights and the radio. This integral part […]

How to Know When to Have My Engine Oil Changed

Your engine relies on clean oil to lubricate the moving parts and keep it cool. Over time, the oil in your vehicle can accumulate nasty sludge and debris. It also breaks down, making it more difficult to perform the way it should. Once this happens, it’s time to schedule an oil change as soon as […]

Why Is Proper Tire Inflation So Important?

Although maintaining your vehicle might seem overwhelming, many small tasks can be achieved with little time and even less out-of-pocket expense. Tire inflation is a prime example. Tire pressure–measured in pounds per square inch (PSI)–refers to the air in your vehicle’s tires. Maintaining adequate tire pressure is easy and painless but ensures you drive safely […]

Does High Octane Gasoline Clean An Engine Better?

Of course, everyone wants to save money at the pump, but sometimes spending a little extra can make a major difference in a vehicle’s overall performance. Take motor oil, for example. Unless you drive an older model or use a car irregularly, most experts agree that paying more for synthetic lubricant will extend the life […]

Why Your Car Keys Get Stuck In The Ignition

If you’ve ever gotten your car keys stuck in the ignition, you know how frustrating it can be. How do you get out of the car with your keys dangling there in plan sight? Well, the first step is to stay calm. Tugging roughly at the keys to force them out could damage the key, […]

The Pros And Cons Of Buying A Cadillac XT4

With consumers craving more room and a higher seat off the road, demand for compact cars and sedans has dwindled to practically nothing. Growing in popularity, however, are spacious crossovers and small SUVs. To try and get back some of the precious revenue it has lost over the last few years, Cadillac has introduced a […]

How Can I Help My Engine Last Over 200K Miles?

Today’s vehicles can last longer than ever before thanks to improved technology and standards. Therefore, with close attention to scheduled maintenance and service, you can extend the life of your investment at least 200,000 miles. Here are a few tips to get you there: Use High-Quality Oil and Filters Extensive research and field tests point […]

Why Does My Car Smell Like Gas?

Gasoline, though essential for operating your vehicle, doesn’t give off an inviting smell. Not to mention, the smell of gas fumes never makes someone feel safe. So, if that distinctive odor creeps up in your car, it’s best you figure out the cause as soon as possible. Here are the most common sources: Leaking or […]

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