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Inspections and Testing

Engine Inspection

DOC Auto at Chatham Heights is a State Certified Emissions Repair Facility as well as an emissions testing site. Anytime your vehicle needs repairs in order to pass emissions, those repairs should be handled by a mechanic with the proper expertise and certification. Fortunately, the air in Virginia is smart enough not to cross the Rappahannock River – testing is not needed for vehicles registered south of the river. Thus our decision to not perform testing at our Courthouse Road facility.

Our technicians are certified by the Department of Environmental Quality or the DEQ. It isn’t just the technicians that need to be certified, our equipment and process is also certified by the proper channels.

DEQ Emissions Inspection Fredericksburg

When you bring your vehicle to our Chatham Heights location, your emissions inspection will include an onboard diagnostics test as well as a tailpipe emissions test. IF your vehicle fails either of these tests for any reason, DOC Auto is here to help you. We can do a full inspection and make a plan to repair your vehicle so it can pass emissions.

Reasons You Failed Your Emissions Test

The truth is that there are many reasons why your vehicle may fail an emissions test, but these are four of the most common causes.

Rich Fuel Mixture

If your car is emitting high levels of carbon monoxide, it is likely due to your vehicle burning excessive amounts of gasoline. When this happens it could be a sign that you oxygen sensor or MAF sensor is not functioning properly.

Faulty Oxygen Sensor

Your vehicle oxygen sensor is responsible for monitoring your exhaust. When it isn’t functioning properly it could cause a variety of problems including overheating and a loss of engine power. It also leads to an increase in toxins in your vehicle’s emissions.

Bad Fuel Metering

A properly functioning engine requires a specific air-fuel mixture. If that ratio isn’t right your fuel injection system could be to blame.

Bad EVAP System

Commonly referred to as EVAP, your vehicle’s Evaporative Emission Control System is what prevents gasoline vapors from getting into the air. If there are any leaks in your EVAP it allows those toxins to enter the environment.

If it is time for your next emissions test or if you recently failed your test at another site, call DOC Auto at Chatham Heights today to schedule an appointment and learn more about our emissions testing and repair process.

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