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Almost everyone understands the importance of routine oil changes in keeping the ol’ family truck running its best. Today there are far more types of oil in common use – full synthetic, synthetic blend, Dexos-certified, etcetera, not to mention viscosities ranging from zero to fifty – than in years past. Also, some manufacturers are suggesting really long service intervals; in some cases a little too long, in my opinion. Even if the oil isn’t “worn out” (ask for a copy of our book Carma for an explanation), it’s a great idea for an experienced eye to check out the car, and an oil change is a good way to get that done. Also, the manufacturer’s recommended interval is based on a new car in ideal conditions; there are too many things that could go wrong to risk a problem just to save the relatively low cost of an oil change. Doc Auto® is proud to offer the best oil change in Fredericksburg.

Our oil change services are performed by our top technicians – we don’t actually have any bottom technicians… is that what I meant to say?? There are advantages to having truly seasoned and expert techs doing what seems to be a simple and straightforward routine maintenance chore. First, it’s surprising how many botched oil changes, done elsewhere, end up in our bays. While the task itself is relatively simple, it’s also really important to do it right – and the consequences of doing it wrong can be super expensive and catastrophic. Secondly, a really great technician will notice things about the vehicle that a green entry-level oil-change guy would miss. While you might not necessarily need to address a problem area, at least you’ll know about it. I honestly believe that the benefits of a quick once-over of the car on a regular schedule is nearly as important as the oil change itself.

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Don’t forget that all of your vehicle’s fluids have finite life-spans, not just the engine oil. Makes perfect sense, but it seems as if a lot of people don’t really think about that.

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