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tires FredericksburgLooking to re-shoe Ol’ Blue? With top-quality tires at competitive prices, DOC Auto ® in Fredericksburg VA is the best place to do it! We offer a wide selection of tires at prices that literally can’t be beaten. We do this because we care about our customers and want the best deal for all of them.

Tires Fredericksburg VA

We’ve developed great relationships with our tire vendors over the years, and recently I started feeling as if our pricing was really competitive. So I asked Amy to shop around on a few of the really popular sizes. Wow! I was right! In fact, competitive is not the right word. We were cheaper than everyone else in the area, including Costco and the other big guys. Plus, we don’t add any fees to the tire price when you buy from us. No installation fees, no disposal fees, no balancing fees, or anything else – when you buy tires from us, you pay for the tires, plus the sales tax. In some cases, we’re hundreds cheaper than others when you buy a set of four tires.

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Here are a couple of other advantages you get when you get your tires at DOC Auto ®: we do wheel alignments (Costco et. al. do not), and you’ll have an actual seasoned, ASE-certified technician installing them. We don’t have “tire specialists” or “lube techs” – euphemisms for who-knows-what working on your vehicles.

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If you need tires, we’re your best bet! Come see us today for all your tire needs, let us be your one-stop shop for auto repairs and tire services.

For more info on tires, including the lowdown on nitrogen inflation, ask for a free copy of our book Carma – or just download the free e-book.

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