Malfunctioning Car Water Pump Symptoms

1 Jan

Malfunctioning Car Water Pump Symptoms

Your car, truck, or utility vehicle relies on the water pump to circulate coolant through the engine to keep the temperature below 220 degrees Fahrenheit. The thermostat releases the coolant when the engine starts to get too hot, and the water pump pushes it throughout the engine to draw heat away from it. DOC Auto can replace your water pump when it needs it. The average lifespan of a car water pump is 100,000 miles. Here are symptoms that your water pump is malfunctioning and needs to be replaced.

Leaking Engine Coolant

An old water pump will begin to leak engine coolant from its seals. You will end up with coolant spots on your garage floor underneath your engine in the front. Any time your engine leaks coolant, it reduces the levels and you run the risk of overheating the engine if you operate your automobile. It’s important to have the water pump replaced right away if it is leaking engine coolant.

Corroded Water Pump

Unfortunately, you may not realize that your water pump is leaking if you don’t see spots on the garage floor. The water pump can also spring a minor leak that creates corrosion around the pump. The leak isn’t bad enough to drip coolant onto the garage floor but it will pool around the water pump and damage it. Aside from corrosion, you may also see tiny holes or pits on the pump.

Whining Engine Noises

Another thing that can affect the water pump’s performance is a problem with your vehicle’s accessory belt. The water pump is attached to this belt to receive power. If you hear whining noises coming from your engine, it’s possible that the accessory belt is too loose, and, as a consequence, the water pump is not receiving enough power to circulate the coolant through the engine.

Lack of Coolant Circulation

This is just one thing that will cause a lack of coolant circulation. A malfunctioning water pump may also struggle to circulate coolant through the engine on its own. Without coolant circulating through the engine, there is no hope to keep the engine temperature under 220 degrees.

Constant Overheating

Naturally, without coolant, your engine will overheat. In fact, if your water pump needs to be replaced, the engine will overheat every time you drive your automobile. It’s important to understand that driving a vehicle when the engine is too hot can severely damage the engine.

Call DOC Auto in Fredericksburg, VA, today if you suspect your water pump is faulty. We will inspect the pump and replace it if necessary.

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