Show Your Vehicle’s Owner’s Manual a Little Love

15 Nov
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Show Your Vehicle’s Owner’s Manual a Little Love

Are you one of those drivers who buys a car, drives off the lot with a huge grin on your face, and then tosses the owner’s manual in the glove compartment black hole never to be seen again? If so, that’s okay but DOC Auto wants to explain why you should show your owner’s manual a little love. This thick booklet that admittedly provides a pretty boring read is chalked full of important information.

Informative Section

Most people only flip through the owner’s manual to read about the features they want – or they skip it altogether in favor of the quick start guide. Your vehicle’s manual is your guide on the best ways to operate it and its accessories. It tells you about important safety features, drivability options, do’s and don’ts while driving, and how to use each system exclusively for your vehicle. Exclusively is the operative word in that sentence. You’re in a new car and how you operate is customized directly to it.

The informative section is fun, too. No, we’re not crazy to say that. Have you ever been flipping through your owner’s manual looking for something specific and come across an accessory or feature you never knew your automobile had? Yeah, that’s super exciting, especially if love the feature. Learn about your car, crossover, truck, or SUV and absolutely everything it has to offer you by taking the time to at least browse through the owner’s manual page-by-page. What’s in there just might surprise you.

Maintenance Section

If you still choose to ignore the first section of your owner’s manual please do not ignore this one. The maintenance section of an owner’s manual lists the manufacturer’s recommendations for preventative maintenance to keep your vehicle running at its best and to extend the life you get out of the engine and other systems. You’ll find each recommended maintenance visit, the mileage at which you should take the vehicle in for the preventative maintenance, and what needs to be done. 

This is your bible. To keep your automobile running as efficiently as it can and to prevent costly engine damage, take your vehicle to the dealer or a trusted mechanic at each mileage milestone for the preventative maintenance recommended in your owner’s manual. This saves you money and extends your vehicle’s engine life. The dealer recommends this maintenance because it has proven optimal to your vehicle, so ignore the rest of your owner’s manual but pay attention to the maintenance section.

DOC Auto does preventative maintenance. Located in Fredericksburg, VA, call us to set up an appointment today.

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