Service the Automatic Transmission Every 30,000 Miles to Avoid the Following Problems

1 Mar

Service the Automatic Transmission Every 30,000 Miles to Avoid the Following Problems

It is an excellent idea to have the automatic transmission serviced every 30,000 miles. This gives our certified technicians at DOC Auto a chance to see if there is anything wrong, such as low fluid levels or leaking seals. The following issues are signs that your automatic transmission is going bad.

Problems Shifting the Gears

If the transmission has not been taken care of, it will start to malfunction over time. It will have difficulties shifting through the gear cycle, and it may slip out of gear. There may be a significant amount of hesitation to shift the gears, as well. All of these things point to the need for a transmission inspection as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

An Overheating Transmission

Your transmission might also overheat if the transmission fluid level is too low. One way to prevent this from happening is to have the transmission flushed and refilled every 30,000 miles. This ensures that you always have fresh fluid in the transmission.

Odd Transmission Noises

Your transmission may also start to make strange noises if it needs to be repaired. For example, it may “clunk” into gear, squeal, grind when it shifts the gears, or hum when it is in neutral. These are all signs that the transmission needs immediate attention.

Transmission Fluid Leaks

As we mentioned above, your automatic transmission can overheat if the fluid level gets too low. One thing that will reduce the fluid level is a transmission fluid leak. Transmission fluid can leak out of the torque converter, the hoses, and the pan gasket among other parts.

Rough Gear Shifts

Your transmission may also shift the gears roughly if the fluid is too low or it is going bad. Your vehicle will shake or vibrate every time the transmission shifts the gears. Bring your vehicle to our shop right away if this is happening.

Unresponsive Transmission

If you ignore the above signs of transmission problems, you may end up with a transmission that becomes completely unresponsive. You will not be able to get your vehicle to go into gear, and the transmission will not shift gears.

Dashboard Warning Light

Finally, all of these things may be accompanied by an illuminated check engine light on the dashboard. This is an indication that there is something wrong with the engine. In this case, the problem lies with the transmission.

DOC Auto in Fredericksburg, VA, is happy to inspect your transmission if it is acting strange. Call us today for a service appointment.

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