Seven Signs Your Transmission Is Going Bad and Needs Servicing

1 Mar
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Seven Signs Your Transmission Is Going Bad and Needs Servicing

The transmission is an unsung hero in your automobile. If you drive an automatic transmission, you don’t even think about changing the gears; it just happens. If you drive a manual, you know how much fun it can be to have that control over the gears. Either way, your vehicle needs a transmission inspection and service every 30,000 miles. If you fail to do this, DOC Auto warns that you may notice signs of your transmission going bad. Here are seven of them that need attention right away.

1. Slippage

When your transmission slips out of gear, your vehicle immediately goes into neutral. You will notice that your engine revs much higher yet you don’t have any power. If you haven’t had your transmission fluid changed in a long time, it may cause the transmission to slip out of gear, especially when going uphill.

2. Fluid Leaks

Transmission fluid is bright red and transparent. It will leak from underneath your car toward the center, not from underneath the engine. If the fluid is old, dirty, and burnt, it will be dark brown. If you see pink, foamy transmission fluid leaking out from underneath your automobile, your transmission has serious problems.

3. Sweet Smells

Both transmission fluid and engine coolant have a sweet, musty smell to them. If you smell something sweet burning, it is one of these fluids. The important thing is to pull over immediately and call for a tow truck. If you continue to drive, you can damage your engine or transmission because the fluids are too hot.

4. Idling Problems

One way to check to see if your transmission is having problems is to turn on your engine and put your vehicle in neutral. Make sure you have the parking brake set so you don’t roll. Listen for strange sounds, such as humming or whining, as well as sounds that the idle is rough and cutting in and out. You shouldn’t hear grinding, either.

5. Delayed Shifting

Your transmission should go through the gear cycle at about the same speed each time. There shouldn’t be delays from one gearshift to the next. It should also go into gear without fighting you. If your transmission refuses to go into gear, whether an automatic or manual transmission, you’ve got a big problem.

6. Poor Acceleration

Poor acceleration is more likely caused by a fuel problem. Chances are you have clogged fuel injectors or a clogged fuel filter. This being said, the transmission also helps your vehicle accelerate and the torque converter helps turn the wheels. If your acceleration is sluggish, it could be the transmission.

7. Dashboard Warning

Finally, if the engine control unit receives an error code from any of the transmission sensors, it will turn on the check engine light to let you know that there’s a problem with the transmission. We can run a diagnostic check to get the specific error code that will point us directly to the issue.

Call DOC Auto in Fredericksburg, VA, today to schedule an appointment for a transmission inspection and service.

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