Six Signs Your Car Needs a New Fuel Pump

1 Dec

Six Signs Your Car Needs a New Fuel Pump

It takes a pump to draw the gasoline or diesel fuel out of the tank. This pump is the fuel pump, and it also moves the fuel into the engine. On average, the factory fuel pump installed in your car, truck, or utility vehicle will last about 100,000 miles. Doc Auto advises once you’ve reached this amazing milestone, you may start to experience some of the problems listed below. These are signs that your vehicle’s fuel pump has gone bad and it’s time for a new one.

1. A Dead Engine

If the fuel pump is no longer operational, your engine is not getting any fuel. Consequently, the engine will be dead because it is completely fuel-starved. A malfunctioning fuel pump can also push too much fuel into the engine and flood it. This, too, will make starting your automobile difficult.

2. A Sputtering Engine

Before you end up with a dead engine, however, you may notice that your engine sputters when you are driving at high speeds. This is an indication that the engine is not getting the additional fuel it needs to maintain the higher speeds, i.e., the fuel pump is going out and not supplying that fuel.

3. An Overheating Engine

Oddly, a malfunctioning fuel pump can also cause your engine to overheat. This is because the fuel pump motor is overheating and transferring the excess heat to the engine. The fuel drawn out of the tank keeps the pump motor cool. Little to no fuel means an overheated pump motor.

4. Poor Fuel Economy

A faulty fuel pump can also affect your vehicle’s fuel economy. It will reduce it to the point at which it is noticeable. The engine is not running efficiently if it is not supplied with the correct amount of fuel that it needs to maintain your speeds. This reduces your vehicle’s fuel efficiency.

5. Reduced Fuel Pressure

The fuel pump is responsible for the fuel pressure in the engine. If the pump is going bad, there will be a significant reduction in your vehicle’s fuel pressure. We can test the fuel pressure for you, or you can do it yourself with a gauge that you purchase at the auto parts store.

6. Stress Power Loss

Finally, a dying fuel pump will reduce your vehicle’s power when it is under stress. Let’s assume for the moment that you own a truck and are towing a trailer behind it. If the engine loses significant power, the fuel pump is not supplying the fuel needed when the engine is under stress.

Call Doc Auto in Fredericksburg, VA, today if your vehicle is experiencing any of the symptoms listed above. We can test your fuel pump and replace it if necessary.

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