Stay Safe if You’re Traveling By Car This Thanksgiving

1 Nov
Stay Safe if You’re Traveling By Car This Thanksgiving

Stay Safe if You’re Traveling By Car This Thanksgiving

Don’t let an unnecessary breakdown or auto accident ruin your Thanksgiving holiday. More people will be traveling by car than ever this Thanksgiving, so plan your trip now and add some extra precautions to ensure you get to and from your destination without a hitch. DOC Auto suggests the following to help.

Carefully Plan Your Initial Trip

Even if you’re going to your mom and dad’s house and you’ve driven there a million times, research the way you usually go to see if there is anything anticipatory that would make driving difficult. Will there be bad weather? Are there any road closures that will slow you down? What about plenty of rest stops?

Have a Backup Plan

Even if your normal route looks a-okay, plan a backup route just in case. You never when there could be an accident or sudden winter storm that will shut down the way you normally go. Be prepared during all legs of the journey with a backup plan that will put you on a different route to your parents’ house.

Take Your Time and Take Breaks

Leave early, don’t rush, buckle up, and take breaks. Getting to your parents’ house doesn’t have to be the Daytona 500. Enjoy the drive and stop to smell the roses, if you will. Plan breaks that the whole family will enjoy. This not only allows everyone to use the restroom but also reduces travel lag.

Drive Defensively and Remain Alert

Reducing travel lag is important because you must remain alert behind the wheel. Tired driving is as bad as drunk driving, so make certain you don’t push yourself and nod off. Drive defensively, change lanes to avoid aggressive drivers, and pay special attention to big rigs so you don’t end up in their blind spots.

Don’t Drive When Intoxicated

Don’t drink and drive. Just don’t. Even if getting to your parents’ house only takes a couple of hours, avoid alcohol with the Thanksgiving feast if you’re going to drive back home that night. Even one glass of wine or beer can diminish your motor skills, especially when you’re also stuffed and in a turkey-coma.

Get a Vehicle Inspection Beforehand

Finally, stop by our shop for a vehicle inspection before your road trip. We’ll check to make sure your car, truck, or utility vehicle is road-ready, safe, reliable, and sure to get you there without a problem. This includes changing the oil and performing other necessary services before you leave.

Give DOC Auto in Fredericksburg, VA, a call to schedule your pre-trip service.

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