Why Does My Engine Keep Stalling?

1 May
Why Does My Engine Keep Stalling?

Why Does My Engine Keep Stalling?

At DOC Auto, we make it our mission to make every customer who walks through our door a lifelong customer and that means keeping their vehicles running smoothly and efficiently for as long as possible. If your engine is stalling over and over again, our team of auto repair experts is here to help. There are a number of reasons your engine might be stalling.

Electrical Failure

Vehicles rely on a variety of electrical components to run the way they were designed and just about any of them could possibly contribute to an engine stall. From your main computer chip to loose electrical wiring to loose or faulty electrical connections, there are many things that could go wrong and contribute to stalling. Whatever the culprit, the experts at Doc Auto Care can handle any electrical issue that may come your way.

Vacuum Leaks

Combustion engines naturally create a vacuum when they operate. That means that anytime you’re vehicle is running it is making a vacuum. The major components of this vacuum system include your car’s hoses and tubes which act as vacuum lines sending that vacuum to whichever vehicle component needs it. However, if your vacuum lines are cracked, damaged, or loose then the pressure the vacuum depends on depletes and the whole system shuts down leading to a stalled engine.


One of the best ways to understand why your engine is stalling is to understand how it starts in the first place. The key to starting your engine is the ignition system. When you go to start your car, your spark plugs light the air and fuel in the combustion chamber which powers up the engine. Without the air and fuel, there is nothing to light and your engine won’t start.

Within this system are your air and fuel filters. They keep your engine firing by filtering out the dirt and grime, keeping your engine clean. When these filters are clogged your engine won’t start. Clogged filters will also cause your engine to stall when you are idling.

When it comes to your engine, there are a variety of malfunctions and issues that could lead to a stalling engine. Whatever the reason, DOC Auto is here to help. We have a state-of-the-art repair facility and a team made up of only the top Fredericksburg, VA, automotive experts. If your engine keeps stalling, give us a call at either of our convenient locations and make an appointment today.

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